Acknowledgement of former Leaders

While the Stillwater Club is young in years, it is rich and mature in friendship and leadership. This extraordinary association of men has built on a history of fraternal relations going back over three decades.

During that time, a number of men have taken critical leadership roles and laid the basis for StillWater’s flourishing strength. We wish to acknowledge their indispensable contributions in their annual service beginning in 1984.

Past Stillwater Club Presidents

 2023 Val Pakis
 2022 Jeff Froke
 2021 Pat Healy
 2020 Pat Healy
 2019 Hector Topete
 2018 Jeff Riehl
 2017 Charlie Delahay
 2016 Matthew Myers
 2015 Don Eastman
 2014 Ed Kramer
 2013 Richard Pospisil
 2012 Mike Early
 2011 Dan Matuszewski

Past SIR Leaders

 2010  Dick Burns
 2009  Sam Griffith
 2008  Maurie Gardner
 2007  Gary Hornbuckle
 2006  Larry Hart
 2005  Tom Linden
 2004  Chuck Schwyn
 2003  Bill Whitley
 2002  Chuck Schwyn
 2001  Bill Scheidecker
 2000  Bob Johnson
 1999  Dick Miller
 1998  Rod Stofle
 1997  Allen Taylor
 1996  Steve Magyar
 1995  Sam Houston
 1994  Keith Davison
 1993  Bob Brandt
 1992  Spence Thompson
 1991  Norm Ensminger
 1990  Ned Simpson
 1989  Ralph Tober
 1988  Jack Dean
 1987  Charlie Gilmore
 1986  Lee Vagnini
 1985  Bill Hawke
 1984 Ed Jacobsen

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