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Jerry Gervase, our December Luncheon Speaker

29 Nov 2022 9:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Carmel Pine Cone's Jerry Gervase will disclose how he became a newspaper columnist with little experience beyond having a paper route.

For almost a quarter of a century Jerry peddled medical books in several states. Among the titles he sold was "The Kinsey Report." He regrets that the authors never selected him to participate in any of their research projects. He became a Regional Manager in Los Angeles for a large multi-hundred dollar medical instruments company. He left when his boss balked at relocating Jerry's office from LA to the rear deck of Kimo's Bar in Lahaina, Maui. He was fortunate to have extraordinary teachers who fanned into flames the embers of potential they saw inside him.

He is a widower with three astonishing children, two nurses and a teacher, who continue to amaze him. He has been favored with a small group of steadfast friends whose loyalty he counts as his personal wealth. He shares his life with a lovely talented singer, an author, and a voice teacher, all in one person, who is his best friend, linguistic sparring partner, and whose constancy is an ongoing blessing.

For the past 18 years he was been writing a newspaper column which he describes as, "Once a week I get to empty out a cluttered mind."

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